drivin N cryin


So Flyyy Meee! Cooourraaaggeous! Just returned from the 1st Offical Family Beach Vacation!! Woo hoo. Yup, hit the old Gatlinburg of the coast. Just me, Sarah and the bub (you may often notice that I may refer to Mary Grace as “bub” or “bubber” or “the gru” or “MG” or “the cuteness” or “my daughter”). Trip went great actually, much to my surprise. A week ago I was having nightmares of MG climbing down the side of the building or screaming bloody murder as she ran through the packs on the beach or tossing a plastic shovel off the 12 story balcony onto a mass crowd below (oh wait, that one did happen). But she was a dream actually. Slept in daily (9:30 folks–yep that’s right, just turned 2–that’s my girl); Ate good; No major meltdowns; No bloody murder screams. Good times were had. We had been given a break…all WEEK!

Soooooo we were due. I say it was about where I-26 merges with I-385 (the final stretch), I noticed the cuteness had nodded off to sleep (this is the first time I had seen her sleep in the car since she was a wee one). So I think to myself “YES!! NAPTIME HAAAS ARRIVED”…did I mention we were due…as soon as that thought went through my tiny brain a slow “waaaaaahhhhhh” began like a siren for a tornado. I understood completely. We sat in traffic for like an hour in the middle of nowhere (Marion) earlier, and that had thrown everything off. I blame Francis Marion University for this. No reason. I just do. So MG was ready to be done with the trip, but had nowhere to go, so she let us know..all the way back home. But like I said, we were due. Good times though–I have the sunburn on my right shoulder to prove it.


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