what to expect from this bloggy blog


Not much. Well, I don’t want to say that. There will be ups. Hopefully. There will be awkward moments. Definitely. There be many “Wha???” moments as well. So, I have to set your expectations low right? I have to. I’m sorry, it had to be done. There it’s settled.


Ohhhh. I didn’t really give you anything to expect did I. Hmm. I just said a lot of jiberish (is that spelled right?) and distracted from the topic. Kindof like what I’m doing right now…my digital camera ticks me off sometimes. Now I know I have one from like 4 years ago, but I still have some medium expectations (unlike the low ones you should have for this blog). Just now, my daughter (Mary Grace–turns 2 on Saturday–wow) walked in with mesh laundry basket thingy on her head, and before THAT cuteness she was sitting on the futon in here trying to put on a pair of shorts (both legs through one hole). I’m thinking “Man it would be nice to have my cam…WAIT!! HERE IT IS!!” I grab it, turn it on, I’m aiming and hitting the button…and hitting the button…”YES It’s a kodak…I get it (according to the opening picture that shows up for like 10 freakin seconds)…C’mon” I say, “C’mon” clicking like a madman clicker…FLASH! picture taken…I look at the LCD screen…Pic of an empty futon with out “The Cuteness”. Mary Grace is already in her playroom watching Woody & Buzz fight in Toy Story! To this I say the classic guy line, “Unbelievable”.

Did that answer any questions about your expectations. I do have rantability (It’s a word now, folks). It comes and goes like a craving to hear Third Eye Blind’s first album. It’s great but it’s brief. Oh so brief.

Do check up on this ol’ bloggy blog if you’re interested in some guy’s (this guy) sad attempt at Music and Movie reviews. I will be consistent on that one. I will try to pepper in some stories, tales and maybe even some adventures into the world of ME.

Well there’s a taste. A sample. An insight if you will. Be sure and come back with those low expectations.

Peace out!


3 Responses to “what to expect from this bloggy blog”

  1. 1 lawalker

    watch out.

  2. 2 Korri

    You are a lunatic

  3. 3 Courtney L - yo sister

    Love this. Cannot wait to read.

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